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Convolution Kernels

Purpose: Web resource providing convolution kernels that convert a higher resolution IRAC/MIPS PSF to lower resolution IRAC/MIPS PSF.

Author: K. Gordon (Univ. of Arizona)
Date Contributed: 21 Mar 2005
System Requirements: Web resource

Information and Download

See the Convolution Kernel Repository currently held at Princeton University.

The kernels were created using a Fourier technique which requires a certain fiddling to get good results. While these kernels are approximate as a result, they should give quite good results. They have not been extensively tested, especially the IRAC-to-IRAC kernels. Feedback to Karl Gordon (kgordon@stsci.edu) is appreciated.

If you use these kernels in a paper, please reference Gordon et al. (2008, ApJ, 682, 336) and Aniano et al. (2011, PASP, 123, 1218).