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Purpose: Makes an imask from a dmask.

Author: Sean Carey (SSC/IPAC)
Date Contributed: 24 Jun 2005
System Requirements: IDL v5.3 or higher; astrolib IDL library

This software is not considered part of the pipeline and no installation support from IRSA should be expected. We are however very interested in your feedback in order to improve or replace the algorithm and are glad to work with you in test cases and analysis. Questions and comments should be directed to the Helpdesk.

Information and Download

Download make_imask_from_dmask.pro (PRO, 7 KB)

IMASK files are a cleaned version of pipeline-produced dmask files; many bits in the dmask have been set by the pipeline for internal purposes and do not convey useful information to the observer. This procedure creates a new mask file by populating the desired bits from the dmask (crosstalk, radhit, latent, no flat applied, saturation and bad data bits) to the new mask. The new mask has placeholder bits for common IRAC data artifacts such as muxbleed, column pulldown and stray light while remaining a 16 bit mask that can be used by MOPEX. The imasks produced have the same format and content as the imasks which will be produced by the SSC pipeline in future pipeline versions.