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70 micron filtering

Purpose: Offline 70um filtering of photometry observations with IDL

Author: D. Fadda and D. Frayer (SSC)
Date Contributed: 23 March 2005
System Requirements: IDL; astrolib IDL library

Information and Download

Download filter.tar.gz (Tar File, 2 KB)

For photometry observations of a single source, we suggest using the following two procedures for cleaning up artifacts at 70 um. The IDL tools assume access to the astrolib IDL library. README files are included in the download.

  1. bcd_column_fiter.pro
    • Calculates the median value for each column.
    • Subtracts value for each column for each BCD.
    • Updates the bcds in input list.
  1. bcd_time_filter.pro
    • Calculates median for each pixel for the data set to derive pixel-to-pixel additive correction (ignoring source and bad pixels). The procedure derives a one correction for the entire input data set (only one time correction). If used for a large data set, you may want to divide the data up into multiple sets in time order.
    • Subtracts value from each pixel for each BCD.
    • Updates the bcds in input list.