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Purpose: Cleans up 70 micron data cube of stacked BCD images by removing column-dependent stim latent residuals.

Author: D. Frayer (SSC)
Date Contributed: 22 June 2004
System Requirements: IDL

Information and Download

Download clean70.pro (PRO, 1 KB)

Please read the MIPS Data Handbook before using this code

This IDL code cleans up 70 micron data cube of stacked BCD images by removing column dependent stim latent residuals. It subtracts the median value for a column from every pixel in the column.

Code is called as follows:

IDL> clean70, INcube, OUTcube

INcube = stacked cube of bcd or fbcd images
OUTcube = column filtered output cube

Users need to stack input files into a cube before running. After clean70 correction, users need to split OUTcube into corrected images and attach pointing information (headers) from the original images before mosaicing the data.

JPL, the SSC and IRSA claim no responsibility for this script. From the project point of view, this is unofficial software, provided as an example to users. Your mileage may vary.

Feel free to report any bugs to frayer{@}ipac.caltech.edu (remove the {} from the email address first).
Frayer, version 2004 June 22