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CUPID Change Log

CUPID V2.0 is based on SSC pipeline version 18.18. For changes compared to the CUPID V1.0, please see Appendix C of the IRS Instrument Handbook. In addition to pipeline changes, CUPID v2.0 includes the source code for the IRS pipelines. Since some called libraries are not included in the release, users are warned that they will likely not be able to recompile the code. Instead, the pipeline code is distributed so that users may examine the algorithms used in the IRS pipelines.

CUPID V1.0 is primarily based on SSC pipeline version 18.7, but includes important changes:

  1. A bug in the the S18.7 high-resolution post-bcd products has been fixed. See chapter 7 of the IRS Instrument Handbook for details.
  2. The outlier rejection in the module SLOPEFINDER has been improved.
  3. CUPID provides the opportunity to run an early version of the peak-up acquisition pipeline. Please see the CUPID User's Guide for details.
  4. The CUTOUTS pipeline products do not contain WCS information. Please see the CUPID User's Guide for further details.