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DARKSETTLE Version 1.3

BUG FIX: IRSCLEAN_FILE_DIRNAME superceded by IDL's FILE_DIRNAME. BUG FIX: "Variable is undefined: CALDIR" error locating dark_settle's nominal calibration files, when calibration files are not available in the standard locations.

DARKSETTLE Version 1.2

For /HELP keyword, replaced PRINT_HEADER call with DOC_LIBRARY for more robust printing of documentation.

Properly sort flatfield files by time to go with sorted BCD files.

Added /NOSUGGEST keyword.

BUG FIX: assign separate pixel masks to each data file. Eliminates improper correction when the data set covers different times in the mission where different masks are appropriate. New keyword CAL_DIR to give location(s) of flatfield and pmask files for each input data file.

Reformulate FLATFIELD keyword to specify the full path to flatfield file(s), overriding the search for a flatfield file under CAL_DIR. Similarly introduce new PMASK keyword to specify the full path to pmask file(s).

DARKSETTLE Version 1.1

Removed extraneous pop-up windows, incorporating more terminal output.

Allowed for NaN's in plot data.

Allow for the case when all interorder data in a row are NaN's and deal correctly with the situation when there are no valid data in a convolution kernel (do no correction).

Incorporated double-smooth for estimating row behavior (BUG FIX)

DARKSETTLE Version 1.0

Window index allocated using /FREE parameter

/HELP keyword incorporates documentation header

Added /RSC keyword

Added /CUBE keyword

No longer include "default flatfield" files - user must download.

Solved bug where flatfield_cmask file is sometimes not found.

DARKSETTLE Version 0.4

Set corrected profile to zero, for bg subtraction

Allow list of files, including wildcard specifications.

Multiply flatfield before correction, divide back when done.

Incorporate flatfield_cmask.fits to determine which pixels were affected by the flat.

DARKSETTLE Version 0.3

Window size depends on screen size for screens with less than 1100 vertical pixels.

DARKSETTLE Version 0.2

Alpha test version that only does row-dependent solution (works best with LH data)

Allow to split array along columns using /SPLIT keyword

In-code documentation finished.

DARKSETTLE Version 0.1

Created (J. Ingalls, SSC)