Spitzer Documentation & Tools

IRSCLEAN release 11 May 2012 (v2.1.1)

The following changes have been made since IRSCLEAN v2.1.

  • (Bug Fix) The new version contains the IDL procedure tvread.pro, which was previously missing.

IRSCLEAN release 14 January 2011 (v2.1)

The following changes have been made since IRSCLEAN v2.0.

  • (Bug Fix) Error message “READCOL: Illegal format A10 in field 0” when current version of IDLASTRO readcol.pro is used.
  • (Bug Fix) /HELP keyword now triggers IDL internal doc_library command, instead of missing print_header.pro.
  • (Incompatibility fix) Error message “Colorbar::Draw Method: Attempt to call undefined method: 'COLORBAR::POSITION'” under IDL 8.0

IRSCLEAN release October 2010 (v2.0)

The following changes have been made since IRSCLEAN v1.9.

  • Expanded the options for automatically finding rogue pixels. /getFmask and getFmask=1 work as before (the "hierarchical iterative" method), but getFmask=2 activates "double unsharp mask flattening" rogue pixel finding, a new approach that seems to work well. New keywords noise_floor and rogue_thresh have been introduced.
  • Manual scaling of display image (using mouse) prior to editing of rogue mask (dataRange=[0,0]).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts during mask-editing mode. These (1) duplicate the mouse buttons for users without a 3-button mouse and (2) add the ability to interrupt mask-editing and rescale the image display.
  • Default scaling of images is now more intelligent (was min/max, is now trimmed using the image histogram to display the inner 96% of pixel values).
  • Changed use of the bmask (Bmask_File keyword), such that bmask-ed pixels are not used when determining the correction for a rogue pixel. This solves a problem where order edge pixels were causing unrealistic spikes when cleaning rogue pixels. Bmask pixels are now highlighted in blue (default color) during the mask-editing stage. If it exists, a Bmask file will automatically be found and loaded from the data directory, so the keyword Bmask_File is now only necessary to override the default.
  • Replaced keyword maskval with bMaskVal.
  • Added keyword bMaskBits to specify explicitly the fatal mask bits as a vector (alternate to the integer bMaskVal).
  • Added keyword /CampaignRMask to automatically load the campaign rogue mask corresponding to the input data file.
  • Added keyword /noMaskEdit to skip interactive editing of the rogue mask.
  • Added keyword /autoSave to automatically save the rogue mask and cleaned image resulting from Stage 1.
  • The wavelength of a pixel is now printed to the terminal during mask editing mode (in addition to the x and y pixel location of the cursor, and the pixel's value).
  • Rogue pixel (and Bmask) highlight boxes are now slightly smaller for better visualization when a group of pixels is highlighted.
  • You can now choose between wide (keyword /wide_omask) and narrow (default) order masks.
  • You can now work without an order mask (whole image, /noOrderMask), or input your own order mask file (orderMask_File) to specify nonstandard regions of an array to clean.
  • Fixed bugs in automatic bmask and uncertainty file location, for coa2d.fits and bksub.fits data files.
  • Fixed a bug where a dialog would pop up in Stage 2 even if you had submitted a list of files to clean at the command line.
  • Fixed a bug which produced the error message, "Variable is undefined: NORESULT_NEG"
  • Code changes to IRSCLEAN now require an IDL version of at least 6.2.
  • The IRSCLEAN download now includes the rogue masks for all IRS campaigns, so these no longer have to be downloaded separately.
  • Sample data have been updated to their latest processed versions (S18.7 as of this writing), and have been reorganized into the standard SSC subdirectory structure.
  • An IDL Virtual Machine version of IRSCLEAN (irsclean_mask.sav) is now included with the distribution, for those without an IDL license. See below for limitations on running this version.