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Example Namelists for MOPEX

Example namelists for use with the MOPEX GUI are included in the GUI as templates.

Example namelists for use on the command line can be found in the MOPEX installation directory, under the subdirectory cdf/

The parameters set in these namelists are a reasonable starting point for most data sets, but not all. For example, BOTTOM_THRESHOLD and TOP_THRESHOLD parameters of outlier rejection (found in the Mosaic Outlier module) are presently set to 5 in the namelists for IRAC and MIPS-24, and to 3 for MIPS-70 and MIPS-160. However, these numbers are not optimal in all cases - a value of 5 is too low for IRAC coverage of ~50, and leads to false outlier detections (a value of 10 is more optimal). We recommend that users read the MOPEX User's Guide, and experiment with the namelist settings to find the optimal settings for their dataset.

A full list of input parameters for MOPEX can be found via the following links: