Performance Estimation Tool v9.0

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Sensitivity Estimators:

SENS-PET: an imaging "Sensitivity Performance Estimation Tool". Choose Cryo or Warm IRAC, IRS Peak Up Imaging, and MIPS imaging instrument configurations, and select a background level. Output: instrument sensitivities (both for point source and extended objects), and the total exposure depth per pixel.

SPEC-PET: a "Spectroscopy Performance Estimation Tool". Input: IRS instrument configuration (ramp duration, number of cycles, spectroscopic module), source continuum flux density, wavelength. MIPS SED exposure time and number of cycles.Output: instrument sensitivities, point source continuum signal-to-noise estimate

Flux density estimators: EX-PET: a point source, imaging "EXtragalactic Performance Estimation Tool". Choose an SED model, background level, and IRAC + MIPS instrument configurations. Output: flux in the instrument passbands, instrument sensitivities, S/N, and total exposure depth per pixel. STAR-PET: a "Stellar Performance Estimation Tool". Select a stellar spectral type + Mk class, K-band magnitude or K-band flux density. Output: the expected flux density in the IRAC 3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8.0 micron passbands, and at 15 um (IRS peakup and short wavelength module), and 24 microns (IRS long wavelength module and MIPS Si:As array).