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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey imaged 16 square degrees of sky, including the Spitzer First Look Survey region, and released these data as part of their Early Release Observations in June, 2001. This dataset includes u',g',r',i',z' images and spectra.

Michael R. Blantona, Douglas P. Finkbeiner b, David W. Hogga, Nikhil Padmanabhanb, and David J. Schlegelb have assembled all the SDSS images of the extragalactic First Look Survey field into four giant mosaics in each of five visual bands. In addition, lower resolution mosaics of the entire field have been created and spectra from the region are provided. JPG files of the mosaics are also provided.

a Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, New York University
b Princeton University Observatory, Princeton University

Retrieve Data

Images and spectra can be retrieved from one of two places:

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