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Observing Logs

The observation logs include the target name, position, observing program name, PID number, primary investigator, the type of observation, duration, start of execution time, AOR number and AOR name. Downlink, calibration observations and anneals are included.

Spitzer Observation Log (Plain Text, 35.2 MB) - The complete time ordered observation log. Includes all science and calibration observations.

Observing logs broken up by year:

2003 (Plain Text, 197 KB)
2004 (Plain Text, 2.4 MB)
2005 (Plain Text, 2.3 MB)
2006 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2007 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2008 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2009 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2010 (Plain Text, 2.1 MB)
2011 (Plain Text, 2.0 MB)
2012 (Plain Text, 1.8 MB)
2013 (Plain Text, 1.5 MB)
2014 (Plain Text, 1.8 MB)
2015 (Plain Text, 2.5 MB)
2016 (Plain Text, 2.4 MB)
2017 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2018 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2019 (Plain Text, 2.2 MB)
2020 (Plain Text, 157 KB)

Cryogenic Baseline Instrument Campaign (BIC) (PDF, 117 KB)
Warm Baseline Instrument Campaign (BIC) (PDF, 194 KB)

Spitzer observing campaign names, id's and dates.

Filtered Logs

Solar System Observation Log (Plain Text, 1.3 MB) - Complete list of all targeted observations of solar system objects sorted by target

Exoplanet Observation Log (Plain Text, 764 KB) - Complete list of all extra-solar planet observations sorted by target

Calibration Observation Logs

IRAC calibration observation log (Plain Text, 4.1 MB)
IRS calibration observation log (Plain Text, 985 KB)
MIPS calibration observation log (Plain Text, 442 KB)