SpitzerSSC The Spitzer Science Center 2005 Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution

location: Pasadena Hilton, 14-16 November 2005

email: irevolve@ipac.caltech.edu

The Spitzer Science Center will host its annual science conference in November 2005. This year's topic will be IR Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution. A wealth of new data in the past few years has dramatically extended earlier results in this wavelength regime. The conference will focus on what has been learned from Spitzer programs and complementary results from other ground and space observatories.

The mid-infrared properties of starbursts are shaped primarily by dust and organic molecules - including PAHs, silicates, and ices. How do these properties vary as a function of bolometric luminosity and spectral energy distribution? One of the main goals of the workshop is to use empirical IR data (spectra and photometry) to study the physical conditions and evolution of starformation in galaxies out to high redshift. Topics of particular interest will be:
In addressing these questions, the conference will explore galaxy evolution in the context of Spitzer and other IR diagnostics.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Andrew Blain, Daniela Calzetti, Vassilis Charmandaris, Ranga Chary, Pierre Cox, David Elbaz, Tim Heckman, Guilaine Lagache , Charles Lawrence, Matt Malkan, Richard Mushotzky, Casey Papovich, David Sanders, Francois Schweizer, Linda Tacconi, Harry Teplitz, Lin Yan

Local Organizing Committee:

Harry Teplitz, Ranga Chary, David Frayer, Lee Armus, Phil Choi, Seppo Laine, Varoujan Gorjian, Francine Marleau, Nick Seymour, Kartik Sheth, Gordon Squires, John Stauffer, Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, Haojing Yan, Lin Yan
 & Mary Ellen, McElveney, Renee Newman, Pat Patterson

Conference Poster

Click to download poster. The poster is also available as a high-resolution jpeg.
The background of the poster and this website is the publicly available IRAC GOODS image.