The Science Opportunities for the Warm Spitzer Mission: White Papers

All of the white papers from the workshop were published by AIP, in volume 943. The camera-ready versions of the papers have now been posted on the white papers page.

Also see the talks from the workshop.

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Papers prepared by the SSC
The Spitzer Warm Mission Science ProspectsJohn Staufferpdf; version from 31 Aug
Archival Research Science ProspectsLisa Storrie-Lombardipdf; version from 31 Aug
Papers prepared by the Steering Committee
Planetary Science Goals for the Spitzer Warm Era- A White PaperCarey Lisse pdf; version from 31 Aug
Stellar Astronomy in the Warm Spitzer EraJill Knapp pdf; version from 31 Aug
The Warm Spitzer Mission: Opportunities to Study Galactic Structure and the Interstellar MediumMike Skrutskie pdf; version from 31 Aug
Star Formation: Answering Fundamental Questions During the Spitzer Warm Mission PhaseSteve Strom pdf; version from 31 Aug
Extrasolar PlanetsDrake Deming pdf; version from 1 Sep
The Warm Spitzer Mission for the Investigation of Nearby GalaxiesDaniela Calzetti pdf; version from 31 Aug
The Spitzer Warm Mission: Prospects for Studies of the Distant UniversePieter van Dokkum pdf; version from 31 Aug
Comm. ChairPat McCarthy pdf; version from 31 Aug
Contributed Papers
The Porcupine Survey: A Distributed Survey and WISE FollowupNed WrightPDF; version from 31 Aug
A Spitzer Warm Mission Ultra-Wide Survey as a target finder for the James Webb Space TelescopeJonathan GardnerPDF; version from 31 Aug
IRAC Deep Survey of COSMOSNick ScovillePDF; version from 31 Aug
Microlens Parallax Measurements with a Warm SpitzerAndy GouldPDF; version from 31 Aug
A Spitzer Extended-Mission Proposal to Survey Single White DwarfsMike JuraPDF; version from 31 Aug

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