The z=0 Multiwavelength Galaxy Synthesis (z0MGS) Overview
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Z0MGS is an archival project combining WISE and GALEX images of nearby galaxies. The main sample consists of ~11,000 galaxies that are deemed to have >10% probability of being within D < 50 Mpc and of having MB < -18. In addition, in the course of iterating on distance estimates when creating the atlas, the z0MGS team generated images for ~5, 000 additional galaxies. These are also included in the delivery, although they do not meet the formal selection criteria. All galaxies included in the atlas have WISE W1 coverage, at minimum. In total, out of the 15,748 galaxies in DR1, 15,716 have coverage in all WISE bands, 11,687 have GALEX NUV and 10,754 have GALEX FUV.

If you use z0MGS data, please cite both the journal article Leroy et al. (2019) and the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

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WISE W1, W2, W3, W4
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