2MASS Extended Source Image Server v3.0

Enter the 2MASS extended source coordinates or common name (e.g. NGC 7479) in the dialog box. If the object is in the current catalog, J, H, Ks and 3 color composite "postage stamp" images will be returned, along with the basic 2MASS extended source catalog information. These images are derived from the full-resolution, highest quality 2MASS Atlas images. The largest galaxies are also found in the 2MASS Large Galaxy Atlas.

For more information on the 2MASS All-Sky Extended Source Full-Resolution Image Server, please see the instructions.

Coordinates or Object Name
Search Radius (arcsec) (0 < Search Radius ≤ 1800)
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Examples:   346.23595 12.32297 eq   |   23h04m56.63s 12d19m22.7s Equ J2000   |   86.27072 -42.84164 ga   |   NGC 7479   |   2MASXJ23045666+1219223
Note: Supports 2MASS All-Sky Source Designations