Planck Public Data Release 2 Maps

Astrophysical Foreground Maps

The Planck 2015 astrophysical component separation analysis combines Planck observations with the 9-year WMAP temperature sky maps (Bennett et al. 2013) and the 408 MHz survey by Haslam et al. (1982). This allows a direct decomposition of the low-frequency foregrounds into separate synchrotron, free-free and spinning dust components without strong spatial priors. See documentation for details.

Map NameNotes
COM_CMB_IQU-commander-field-Int_2048_R2.00Commander-Ruler CMB intensity map and data splits
COM_CompMap_AME-commander_0256_R2.00Anomalous Microwave Emission map
COM_CompMap_CMB-commander_0256_R2.00Low resolution CMB map
COM_CompMap_CO21-commander_2048_R2.00CO J = 2→1 map (1.3GB)
COM_CompMap_CO-commander_0256_R2.00CO J = 1→0 map
COM_CompMap_dust-commander_0256_R2.00Low-resolution thermal dust map
COM_CompMap_DustPol-commander_1024_R2.00Polarized dust emission map
COM_CompMap_freefree-commander_0256_R2.00Free-free emission map
COM_CompMap_Synchrotron-commander_0256_R2.00Synchrotron emission map
COM_CompMap_SynchrotronPol-commander_0256_R2.00Polarized synchrotron emission map
COM_CompMap_SZ-commander_0256_R2.00Map of SZ decrement around Coma and Virgo
COM_CompMap_ThermalDust-commander_2048_R2.00High-resolution thermal dust map
COM_CompMap_xline-commander_0256_R2.00Commander 94/100 GHz line emission maps
HFI_CompMap_CO-Type1_2048_R2.00CO type 1 maps (1.8GB)
HFI_CompMap_CO-Type2_2048_R2.00CO type 2 maps (1.2GB)
COM_CompMap_Lensing_2048_R2.00.tarTarball of lensing maps
COM_CompMap_Compton-SZMap_R2.01 Tarball of all-sky SZ maps (12GB)
COM_Lensing-Bmode_R2.01.tgzTarball of lensing B-mode polarization maps (388MB)
COM_CompMap_ISW_0064_R2.00.fitsMaps of the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect (1.8MB)
COM_CompMap_CIB-GNILC-F353_2048_R2.00 CIB at 353 GHz from GNILC (193M)
COM_CompMap_CIB-GNILC-F545_2048_R2.00 CIB at 545 GHz from GNILC (193M)
COM_CompMap_CIB-GNILC-F857_2048_R2.00.fits CIB at 857 GHz from GNILC (193M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-DL07-AvMaps_2048_R2.00A_V maps of dust extinction (769M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-DL07-ModelFluxes_2048_R2.00 Maps of dust emission at six frequencies (1.2G)
COM_CompMap_Dust-DL07-Parameters_2048_R2.00 Maps with parameters of dust emission (1.7G)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-F353_2048_R2.00 Dust map using GNILC at 353 GHz (193M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-F545_2048_R2.00 Dust map using GNILC at 545 GHz (193M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-F857_2048_R2.00 Dust map using GNILC at 857 GHz (193M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-Model-Opacity_2048_R2.01 Opacity map and uncertainty at 353 GHz (385M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-Model-Spectral-Index_2048_R2.01 Dust spectral index map and uncertainty (385M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-Model-Temperature_2048_R2.01 Dust temperature map and uncertainty (385M)
COM_CompMap_Dust-GNILC-Radiance_2048_R2.00 Dust radiance map (193M)
HFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-commander_2048_R2.00 HFI frequency foregrounds from Commander (1.2G)
HFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-nilc_2048_R2.00 HFI frequency foregrounds from NILC (1.2G)
HFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-sevem_2048_R2.00 HFI frequency foregrounds from SEVEM (1.2G)
HFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-smica_2048_R2.00 HFI frequency foregrounds from SMICA (1.2G)
LFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-commander_1024_R2.00 LFI frequency foregrounds from Commander (145M)
LFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-nilc_1024_R2.00 LFI frequency foregrounds from NILC (145M)
LFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-sevem_1024_R2.00 LFI frequency foregrounds from SEVEM (145M)
LFI_CompMap_Foregrounds-smica_1024_R2.00 LFI frequency foregrounds from SMICA (145M)

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