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Purpose and Description

CUBISM, The CUbe Builder for IRS Spectra Maps, is a tool for constructing spectral cubes, maps, and arbitrary aperture 1D spectral extractions from sets of mapping mode spectra taken with Spitzer's IRS spectrograph. CUBISM was developed by the SINGS team to fulfill, in part, its Legacy proposal commitments. It is optimized for non-sparse maps of extended objects, e.g. the nearby galaxy sample of SINGS, but can be used with data from any spectral mapping AOR (primarily validated for maps which are designed as suggested by the mapping HOWTO).

The SINGS IRS Team working on CUBISM:

J.D. Smith
Lee Armus
Caroline Bot
Brent Buckalew
Danny Dale
George Helou
Tom Jarrett
Helene Roussel
Kartik Sheth

The CUBISM algorithm and implementation are described in detail in:

Smith, J. D. T., et al., Spectral Mapping Reconstruction of Extended Sources, 2007, PASP, 119.1133S

Please reference this paper for published use of the tool.

Links and instructions for downloading, installing and running CUBISM.
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