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Purpose: Aperture photometry on IRAC mosaics requires corrections to be applied based on the positions of the sources in the component BCDs. This software uses the available IRAC correction and pixel area maps to make a set of correction images which can then be mosaicked together in MOPEX. Users can then use this mosaic to look up photometric correction factors for an object at any given position in their BCD mosaic.

Author: Mark Lacy (SSC/IPAC)
Date Contributed: 02 Sep 2008
System Requirements: IDL v6.3 or higher

Note that this functionality is now available in MOPEX. See MOPEX: Making an IRAC Array Location Dependent Correction Mosaic in the Spitzer Data Analysis Cookbook for an example of how to do this.

Information and Download

Download Download File (PRO, 3 KB).

This software is not considered part of the pipeline and no installation support from IRSA should be expected. We are however very interested in your feedback in order to improve or replace the algorithm and are glad to work with you in test cases and analysis. Questions and comments should be directed to the Helpdesk.

copy_photcorr_posns,bcdlist,photcorrimg,areaimg,OUTLIST = outlist

BCDLIST: list of BCDs in a single channel of the AOR, one per line (excluding first HDR frame(s))
PHOTCORRIMG: photometric correction image for that channel, downloaded from Array-Location-Dependent Photometric Corrections page
AREAIMG: pixel area correction image for that channel, downloaded from Pixel Solid Angles page
OUTLIST: (optional) if specified, name of an output list of correction images for input to MOPEX

A set of photometric correction images equal in number to the BCDs, with matching header information, and, if specified, a list for input to MOPEX.