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Downloading CUBISM

CUBISM is currently at version 1.8. The CUBISM Change Log outlines the changes which have been implemented in this new version. In particular, you should use CUBISM version 1.8 for your S18.18 data.

The CUBISM software release consists of the tool, the manual, and an example data set. The tool can be downloaded as a tar ball of the source code or as a pre-compiled binary. Basic instructions for installing and running CUBISM are given further down this page. Additional details can be found in the CUBISM User's Guide.

Full Source Distribution

The full source distribution can be run on any system from the command line in a fully licensed version of IDL.

cubism_v1.8_src.tgz (18MB)

For source distributions (only), you'll also need a recent version of the IDL Astronomy User's Library.

Generic Binary Distribution

The generic binary distribution can be run on any system, either directly from the command line in a fully licensed version of IDL, or via the free IDL virtual machine (IDLVM).

cubism_v1.8_bin.tgz (18MB)

MacOSX Cubism.app for IDLVM

For MacOSX users of the free IDL Virtual Machine (IDLVM), an alternative binary distribution is available as a conveniently bundled Cubism.app application. It is a wrapper which (upon double-clicking) loads CUBISM in the IDLVM under X11.

cubism_v1.8.dmg (20MB)

SMART USERS: If you use both SMART and CUBISM, for best results, upgrade your SMART installation to v6.2.4 or later, and ensure no older versions of SMART exist on your IDL_PATH.

Installing and Running CUBISM

Full Source Distribution

Unpack the cubism_*.tar.gz tar file, and setup your IDL path to include the resulting irs_cubism directory, as well as the AstroLib directories. This can be accomplished (perhaps in your .login file) with:

setenv IDL_PATH :+/path/to/cubism_dir/:+/path/to/astrolib/

At the IDL> prompt, run:

IDL> cubism

If you have trouble with the colors looking strange on a 16 or 24-bit system, add:


to your IDL startup file (whatever file the environment variable IDL_STARTUP points to).

Generic Binary Distribution

The generic binary distribution contains a compiled .sav file which includes all the routines (including the AstroLib library routines) CUBISM needs to run, along with relevant calibration sets and auto-compiled C code. Simply unpack the files, and setup your IDL path to include the directory they are in (see the example provided for the full source distribution above but note that the binary distribution will unpack into a file called cubism rather than irs_cubism). This binary version can be run either under a licensed version of IDL or under the IDL Virtual Machine (IDLVM). Both come bundled together from ITT, but a license must be purchased separately.

To run CUBISM without an IDL license under the IDLVM, type the following on the command line:

idl -vm=/fullpath/cubism/bin/cubism_vm.sav

Note that you will not have access to the IDL command line when running in the IDLVM.

If you do have a license, and would like access to the IDL command line while using CUBISM, start IDL and type:

IDL> cubism_vm

This will automatically restore and run the compiled version of CUBISM.

MacOSX Cubism.app for IDLVM

Simply copy the application from the disk image, and double click the CUBISM icon, or any ".cpj" file to start CUBISM under the IDLVM.

If your IDL is not installed in /Applications/rsi/idl or /usr/local/rsi/idl or the equivalent paths with rsi->itt, set the global environment variable IDL_DIR to point to your IDL install.