Stay Current!
Preliminary Schedule Posted
Please check over the posted schedule to make sure your submitted talk has been entered into the program. A final program will be posted by end-of-day on November 3rd.
Bring Your Short Feature Videos!
Note that there are a number of "Short Feature Theater" events throughout the workshop. These allow participants a last-minute chance to showcase any imagery or video they bring with them.

Videos should be no longer than about 5 minutes (playing an excerpt from a longer piece is fine) and can have audio. They should be in a ready-to-play format (e.g. Quicktime movie off of a laptop or a DVD). Other graphics should be ready to display on your laptop or in Powerpoint/Keynote. After the video runs you can take a few minutes to describe the project.

Examples include pod/vodcasts, planetarium shows, documentaries, animations, simulations, etc.

Just bring your videos to the workshop; we will schedule them on the fly!
JPL Tour Available on Thursday (after workshop)
If you will still be in Pasadena on Thursday the 9th after the workshop, there will be a special opportunity for a JPL tour in the morning at 10:30 AM. Space is limited, so if you are interested please notify us as soon as possible. When you respond you will need to provide the following information:

US Citizens
Affiliation & Job Title

Foreign nationals
Country of Passport issuance
Passport Number
Visitor's Passport Expiration Date
Visa Type
Visa Expiration Date

Permanent residents
Alien Registration #
Place of Birth

Visitors to the site will need to provide a drivers license or id for U.S. citizens, Alien Registration card for resident aliens and passport for foreign nationals.
Griffith Observatory Expedition Added!
Could it be just coincidence that of the largest planetariums in the country is having its grand reopening a mere three days before our workshop? Either way we couldn't pass up this timing, we're planning on including an expedition to Griffith Observatory, closed for 4 years of rennovation and expansion, as part of our Tuesday program for Astro-Viz '06. Bring your cameras because we'll be heading up to Griffith via Hollywood and its Walk of Fame (where we'll have time for dinner afterwards).
Adobe Systems at Astro-Viz
We're pleased to announce that Ashley Manning Still of Adobe Systems Inc. is scheduled to participate in the workshop. This will be a wonderful opportunity to discuss the uses and future development of Photoshop for the sciences.
Vote Absentee on Election Day (Nov. 7th)
Note that Astro-Viz '06 will fall on the US Election (Nov. 7th). Don't forget to request your absentee ballots now so you can vote!
Art of Astronomy Event: Call for Submissions
We're excited to announce a combined conference dinner and public astronomy event entitled the "Art of Astronomy." Plans are still under development, but we will present a looped video featuring a selection of astronomy visualizations in the outdoor courtyard at One Colorado Place in Pasadena (an easy walk from the conference hotel).

To make this happen we need help from YOU!

We would like to showcase the visual side of astronomy (images, artwork, animations, simulations, etc.) in a video presentation that will be shown in this outdoor venue. The content will come from your submissions and showcase the diversity of visualization interests of our workshop!

What we need from you is a sampling of favorite images or video from your work or project. Images need only be at reasonable screen resolution (1000 pix across), video needs to be broadcast quality (or close).

Please send an email to describing your full list of submissions, including a 1-2 sentence description of each piece.

We are looking for up to 8 images or up to 2-3 minutes of video (single movie or collected shorter clips, no sound).

Images may be sent as links to websites within the email or as JPEG attachments (please keep them under 2 MB).

Videos may be contributed by emailing download instructions to your own web or FTP site or they may be uploaded to the public Spitzer FTP server (instructions can be sent by email). We can acommodate most common video formats.

Contributions may also be sent by CD-ROM or DVD/DVD-ROM if mailed/FedEx'ed far enough in advance.

DEADLINE: We would like to have these "greatest hits" by October 1st if at all possible, but will accept submissions through October 15th.

Abstract Submission and Conference Registration now Online!
The full conference website for Astro-Viz '06 has now been deployed. Interested participants should register and submit contributions as soon as possible.
Preliminary Announcement
The pre-announcement to Astro-Viz '06 has been sent out. Full registration details are pending.