Astronomy Visualization Workshop
6-8 November, 2006
Pasadena, CA

The preliminary schedule has now been posted. Please review for conflicts/omissions.

Note that registration is now closed.

This workshop is dedicated to the expanding field of astronomy visualization. Participants will span a broad cross-section of professions including image specialists, illustrators/animators, planetarium/museum developers, media/public affairs officers, and video producers.

The workshop goals encompass a variety of topics:
  • Discuss visualization state-of-the-art
    • Image processing
    • Data visualization
    • Illustration & animation
    • Video production
    • Podcasting (audio & video)
    • Visual communication & aesthetics
  • Exchange techniques & common practices
  • Promote peer & institutional collaborations
    • Observatories/science centers
    • Planetariums/museums
    • Content producers
    • Media
  • Discuss community issues
    • Standards
    • Resource sharing
    • Ethics of image/data viz

Astro-Viz '06 is held in tandem with the Cool Stars 14 conference.