The Spitzer Space Telescope - New Views of the Cosmos

9-12 November 2004
Location - Sheraton Pasadena Hotel

The symposium will be devoted to discussion of the first years' scientific results from this powerful new facility, to placing them in context with other observational, theoretical, and laboratory studies, and to consideration of future opportunities, both with Spitzer and with other observatories.

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Conference Schedule

A reception open to all conference participants will be held from 6-8pm PDT on 8 November 2004 at the Sheraton. The conference banquet is to be held on Thursday, 11 November 2004 at the Athenaeum on the Caltech campus. The Athenaeum is a short (less than five minute) drive from the Sheraton. Conference attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Athenaeum.

Separate from this conference but held at the same venue on Nov 8 will be a Spitzer Calibration Workshop.

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The conference will be held at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel. A block of rooms for the nights of 8-11 November 2004 have been reserved at the Sheraton at a nightly rate of $106.00. These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Conference attendees are responsible for making their own hotel accomodations. Please refer to "Caltech-Spitzer" when making your reservation if you would like to take advantage of special rate.
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Confirmed Invited Speakers

E. Churchwell - Wisconsin
D. Cruikshank - NASA Ames Research Center
M. Dickinson - NOAO
B. Draine - Princeton U.
N. Evans - U. Texas
G. Fazio - Center for Astrophysics
R. Genzel - MPIE
A. Goodman - Harvard U.
J. Houck - Cornell
R. Kennicutt - Arizona
A. Kinney - NASA HQ
J. Lissauer - NASA Ames Research Center
C. Lonsdale - IPAC
M. Meyer - Arizona
J-L. Puget - Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale
G. Rieke - Arizona
A. Sargent - Caltech
N. Tyson - American Museum of Natural History
E. van Dishoeck - Leiden

Scientific Organizing Committee

B.T. Soifer, Co-Chair - SSC
M.W. Werner, Co-Chair - JPL
L. Armus - SSC
S. Beckwith - STScI
R. Blandford - Stanford
D. Cruikshank - NASA Ames
B. Draine - Princeton
G. Fazio - CFA
J. Frogel - NASA HQ
R. Genzel - MPIE
L. Hillenbrand - Caltech
J. Houck - Cornell
M. Jura - UCLA
S. Lilly - Zurich
C. Lonsdale - IPAC
J. Lunine - Arizona
G. Rieke - Arizona
E. Wright - UCLA

Local Organizing Committee

L. Armus, Chair - SSC
M. Barba, - IPAC
A. Dean - SSC
V. Gorjian - IPAC
L. Hermans - IPAC
J. Keller - SSC
M. McElveney - SSC
F. Morales - JPL
H. Mycroft - JPL
L. Rebull - SSC
N. Silbermann - SSC
S. Van Dyk - SSC

If you have any questions about the conference, you may email them to: