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Oasis provides access to data from many sources. Client GIS functionality allows fusion multiple datasets simultaneously. A general mechanism allows easy extension with other third-party data.
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JAVA Configuration

CautionPlease install the JAVA plugin first!

Oasis can run as an applet if your browser has JavaScript active, the JAVA plug-in installed, and you grant Oasis permission to interact with your local file system. Pop-ups must also be enabled in your browser since Oasis itself runs inside a pop-up window.

Running Oasis...
Run Oasis Oasis can also be downladed as an executable JAR file here (Shift-right-click / Save Link As...) though many of the associated data services will not be available in this mode.
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Oasis is a general astronomical archive access and data integration tool. For more information, see:
Data Services Using Oasis ...
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15 Aug 2004
Version 2.9
: Added support for more WCS types (including distortion parameters in Spitzer images) and arbitrarily large images. See What's New for more details.

10 Oct 2003
Version 2.7
: Updated window management (fewer windows); support for multi-part and multi-plane FITS files; display of full-color JPEGs; image history; ZIP-file support.

1 Jun 2002
Version 2.0
: Third-party services (links to send data to Oasis and Oasis interaction with web forms); XY plotting; parameterized source tables (ellipses, boxes, etc.); data caching.

1 Oct 2001
Version 1.3
: Centralized request management / multi-threaded file transfer manager GUI. Coordinate history.

Comments are welcome and should be sent to: oasis@ipac.caltech.edu

Last updated: 15 Aug 2004