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MOPEX: Full List of Included Scripts


The scripts included with MOPEX are split into "Supported" and "Under Construction". Supported scripts are verified and fully-supported by the SSC, and are split into "Commonly Used" and "Auxiliary" scripts. Those under construction are either unfinished or have not been verified, and are used entirely at the user's risk. The SSC does not support scripts under construction.

Supported Scripts

Commonly Used

Tool Description Documentation
aperture.pl Computes aperture fluxes aperture.pdf (PDF, 96 KB)
apex.pl / apex_1frame.pl Performs multiframe / single frame point source extraction MOPEX User's Guide
apex_qa.pl Creates point source subtracted mosaic MOPEX User's Guide
cosmetic.pl For IRAC data only; removes muxbleed and column pull-down artifacts in IRAC images. Superceded by Sean Carey's IDL code, available as Contributed Software. README_cosmetic.txt(txt)
fiducial_frame.pl Creates mosaic projection table. Usually called from within MOPEX  
flatfield.pl Performs final flatfielding. Not recommended for use with IRAC data README_flatfield.txt (txt)
mosaic.pl For mosaicking the BCDs with/without outlier detection MOPEX User's Guide
mosaic_sed.pl Performs interpolation and coadition of MIPS SED (spectral energy distribution) images, and extraction of the spectra Mosaic SED User's Guide (PDF, 122 KB)
overlap.pl Performs background matching on BCDs MOPEX User's Guide
prf_estimate.pl Not for use with IRAC data or any other undersampled data. Runs PRF (Point Response Function) estimation MOPEX User's Guide


Tool Description Documentation
copy_HDR_keywords.pl Copies HDR-mode header keywords  
easymosaic.pl Produces a quick-look mosaic without having to specify parameters README_easymosaic (Plain Text, 2 KB))
hdr_mask.pl Replaces saturated pixels in the long integration time frames with their counterparts from the short integration time frames README_hdr_mask (Plain Text, 9 KB)
HDR_Split.pl Splits filelists into short, medium and long exposures in HDR mode  
mosaic_mask.pl Creates a mosaic of the mask images(e.g. creates a mosaic of Rmask images) mosaic_mask.pdf (PDF, 140 KB)
numbertable.pl Numbers the rows in a table  
pointing_refine.pl Performs absolute/relative pointing refinement (generally not needed as pointing refinement is now done automatically as part of the IRAC pipeline) README_pointingrefine (Plain Text, 15 KB)
PSEutils.pl Library functions. DO NOT EDIT  
swap_refined_keywords.pl Swaps the refine pointing and the default keywords (e.g. to view in ds9 since it won't automatically see the refined keywords)  
table_1col_stat.pl Computes histogram for a table column  
table_stat.pl Computes statistics for a table column  

Under Construction

Tool Description Documentation
fastsortrealmatch.pl Source matching  
myscore.pl Performs completeness test  
photo.pl Flux error comparison  
simulate.pl Makes BCD-like data from the mosaic