Cool Stars TPF/Darwin Splinter Session

For the TPF/Darwin Splinter session, the following detail schedule of talks will be presented:


Speaker Title
10:45 Chas Beichman Habitability and Life on Planets around Cool Stars 
11:00 Paul Butler Planets around Low Mass Stars 
11:30 Michael Endl Determining eta_Earth: The Case For Late M-dwarfs 
11:45 Dave Bennett Gravitational Microlensing Observations Indicate that Cool, Super-Earth Mass Planets Are Common 
12:00 Joe Catanzarite Detection of Planets in the Habitable Zones of Nearby Stars by The Terrestrial Planet Finder and SIM PlanetQuest 
12:15 Shigeru Ida Planets Around Low-Mass Stars: Theory 
12:45 Helmut Lammer Habitability of Planets Around Low-Mass Stars 
1:15   Adjourn

A full agenda of the TPF/Darwin meeting is available online.