Splinter Sessions

Nine splinters have been approved for CS14.

Slot Topics Lead
Tuesday: 4:00-5:30 Spectral Diagnostics of Hot Plasma from Cool Stars Brickhouse
The Formation of Low-Mass Protostars and Proto-BDs Steinacker [splinter home page]
Mining the Next Generation of Surveys for Cool Star Science Pinfield [splinter home page]
Thursday: 8:30-12:00  (3 hours plus 0.5 hour break) Stellar Ages Mamajek [splinter home page]
Disks around Cool Stars and BDs Apai [splinter home page]
Cool Stars in Hot Places Megeath
Friday: 10:45-1:00 Habitability and Life on Planets around Cool Stars Beichman [splinter home page]
Sub-Stellar Twins: Binarity in BDs Jayawardhana
Coronal Structure of PMS Stars Jardine [splinter home page]

Splinter applications are closed; information on the application process is still available for reference.