CS14 Invited Speakers

The following speakers have confirmed invitations to speak at CS14:

Name Topic
Aigrain, Suzanne The COROT Exoplanet Programme
Allen, Lori Spitzer Imaging Studies Of Star Forming Regions 
Allende Prieto, Carlos The Abundances Of Oxygen And Carbon In The Solar Photosphere
Barman, Travis Uncertainties In Brown Dwarf Models
Basu, Sarbani What Has Helioseismology Taught Us About The Sun? 
Bedding, Tim Asteroseismology Of Solar-Like Stars
Boden, Andy Testing Stellar Evolutionary Models Through Interferometric Dynamical Mass Determinations 
Calvet, Nuria Dust Evolution And Planet Formation In Disks Around Young Stars
Cranmer, Steven Winds Of Main-Sequence Stars: Observational Limits And A Path To Theoretical Prediction 
Cushing, Michael Spitzer Spectroscopy Of Ultracool Dwarfs
Donati, Jean-Francois Magnetic Topologies Of Cool Stars
Drake, Jeremy Abundances From Other Means: A Cosmic Chemical Composition Caprice
Evans, Neal Star Formation: From Cores To Disks
Hartmann, Lee Dynamical Theory Of Star Formation
Helou, G. The Spitzer Space Telescope Extended Mission 
Hillenbrand, Lynne An Assessment Of Empirical Constraints On The Ages And Age Spread Of Stars In Star Forming Regions And Young Clusters 
Johns-Krull, Christopher Photospheric Magnetic Field Measurements On Late-Type Stars And Brown Dwarfs 
Keller, Christoph New Observations Of The Magnetic Vector Field Across The Solar Disk 
Kervella, Pierre Interferometric Angular Diameters, Linear Radii And Stellar Modeling
Kirkpatrick, J. Davy Outstanding Issues In Our Understanding Of L And T Dwarfs
Laughlin, Gregory Theoretical Perspectives On Planet Formation Models 
Leggett, Sandy Properties Of The Coolest Dwarfs
Matt, Sean Understanding The Spins Of Young Stars
Pinsonneault, Marc The Legacy Of John Bahcall
Pont, Frederic Transiting Planets
Rebull, Luisa Rotation In Young Stars
Terndrup, Donald Theory, Synthesis, And Future Directions
Valenti, Jeff Metallicities And Planet Formation
Wolff, Sidney Stellar Winds And The Evolution Of Angular Momentum