Program Schedule

Additional schedule information for satellite meetings online for both the Astronomy Visualization Workshop and the TPF/Darwin Workshop.

Day Time Speaker / Lead Event
SUNDAY 19:00   Opening reception & registration
MONDAY 8:00 Beichman, Stauffer Opening remarks and welcome
8:20 Rebull, van Belle Logistics and posters
Helioseismology and Abundances 
8:30 Pinsonneault  The Legacy of John Bahcall
8:55 Basu  What has helioseismology taught us about the Sun?
9:20 Bedding  Asteroseismology of solar-like stars
9:45 Korn Atomic diffusion -- helium, lithium and heavy elements
10:05 Break
10:50 Allende-Prieto  The Abundances of oxygen and carbon in the solar photosphere
11:15 Ayres The Solar Oxygen Problem: Crisis, Catastrophe, or Opportunity?
11:30 Drake Abundances from Other Means: A Cosmic Chemical Composition Caprice
11:55 Schmelz Neon Lights Up a Controversy: the Solar Ne/O Abundance
12:15 LUNCH
Star Formation (Cores to Disks)
13:35 Evans  Star Formation: From Cores to Disks
14:00 Allen  Spitzer Imaging Studies of Star Forming Regions
14:25 Calvet  Dust evolution and planet formation in disks around young stars
14:50 Linsky The Eagle Nebula: Pillars of Creation, EGGs, and PMS stars in NGC 6611
15:05 Break
15:50 Guedel Highlights of the XMM-Newton Extended Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud (XEST)
16:00 Hartmann  Dynamical Theory of Star Formation
16:30 Helou The Spitzer Space Telescope Extended Mission
16:50   Poster viewing and cocktail hour
18:20   End of day
TUESDAY 8:30   Updated instructions; event planning
Brown Dwarfs
8:35 Kirkpatrick  Outstanding Issues in Our Understanding of L and T Dwarfs
9:00 Leggett  Properties of the Coolest Dwarfs
9:25 Cushing  Spitzer Spectroscopy of Ultracool Dwarfs
9:45 Cruz A New Population of Young Brown Dwarfs
10:00 Break
10:35 Burgasser Subsolar Metallicity Substellar Objects
10:50 Barman Uncertainties in Brown Dwarf Models
11:15   Poster viewing
12:00 LUNCH
Solar/Stellar Magnetic Fields
13:20 Giampapa  Overview and setting stage
13:25 Johns-Krull  Photospheric Magnetic Field Measurements on Late-Type Stars and Brown Dwarfs
13:50 Donati  Magnetic topologies of cool stars
14:20 Keller  New observations of the magnetic vector field across the solar disk
14:40 Berdyugina First detection of molecular circular polarization in starspots
14:55 Cheung Magnetic flux emergence in the solar photosphere
15:10 Break
15:45 Splinters (1.5 hours)
Brickhouse  Spectral Diagnostics of Hot Plasma from Cool Stars
Steinacker  The Formation of Low-Mass Protostars and Proto-Brown Dwarfs
Pinfield  Mining the Next Generation of Surveys for Cool Star Science
17:15   poster viewing and cocktail hour
18:15   End of day
20:00 Wolk Great Observatories Special Evening Session
WEDNESDAY Testing Stellar Evolutionary Models
8:30   Announcements
8:35 Boden  Testing Stellar Evolutionary Models Through Interferometric Dynamical Mass Determinations
8:55 Kervella  Interferometric angular diameters, linear radii and stellar modeling
9:15 Hillenbrand  An Assessment of Empirical Constraints on the Ages and Age Spread
of Stars in Star Forming Regions and Young Clusters
9:40 Break
10:15 Stassun Empirical Constraints on the Structure, Formation, and Evolution
of Young, Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
10:30 Grupp How accurately can we determine stellar parameters: The case of Teff in F and G type stars
10:45 Berger The Radius-Luminosity Relation from Near-Infrared Interferometry:
New M Dwarf Sizes from the CHARA Array
11:00 Chaboyer M-Dwarf Stellar Models
11:25 Terndrup  Theory, Synthesis, and Future Directions
11:40   Wrap-up / Adjorn
11:45   Excursions: Buses leave hotel 12:15, return between 18:00 and 19:00
THURSDAY 8:30 Splinters (3 hours plus 0.5 hour break)
Mamajek  Stellar Ages
Apai  Disks around Cool Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Megeath  Cool Stars in Hot Places
12:00 LUNCH
Extrasolar Planets
13:30 Pont  Planet Transits
13:55 Fortney Infrared Spectra and Light Curves of Hot Jupiters in the Spitzer Era
14:20 Aigrain  The COROT exoplanet programme
14:40 Basri The Kepler Mission: Terrestrial Exoplanets and Stellar Activity
15:00 Break
15:45 Laughlin  Theoretical Perspectives on Planet Formation Models
16:10 Valenti Metallicities and Planet Formation
16:30   Poster viewing and cocktail hour
22:00   End of day
FRIDAY 8:30   Final announcements
Stellar Winds and Spins: From Birth Through the Main Sequence
8:45 Wolff  Stellar Winds and the Evolution of Angular Momentum
8:55 Cranmer  Winds of Main-Sequence Stars: Observational Limits and a Path to Theoretical Prediction
9:20 Rebull  Rotation in Young Stars
9:45 Matt Understanding the Spins of Young Stars
10:15 Break
10:45 Splinters (2.25 hours)
Beichman  Habitability and Life on Planets around Cool Stars
Jayawardhana  Sub-Stellar Twins: Binarity in Brown Dwarfs
Jardine  Coronal Structure of Pre-Main Sequence Stars
2:00   End of meeting picnic at Caltech

Last update: Oct 5, 2006