Previous Cool Star Meetings

The Cambridge Workshops on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun are the longest running independent astronomy meeting! The original Cool Stars Workshop, organized by Andrea Dupree, was held at Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) and started on January 30, 1980. The creation of the "Cambridge Workshop" series was, perhaps, inspired by the invigorating meeting on "Solar Phenomena in Stars and Stellar Systems", held at Bonas, France in 1980 (August 25th - September 5th). Since that time the Workshops have increased in attendance and length, reaching a three-fold increase in attendance by the 10th Anniversary - reflecting the scientific vitality of cool star research. The Workshops have been held biennially since 1981 and the first non-USA meeting was held in Florence Italy in 1995. Non-USA meetings are now a regular feature; every other meeting is usually held elsewhere. Typical meetings include a mixture of invited reviews, invited specialist talks and substantial poster-display sessions. It is an international venue for researchers from all disciplines of Cool Star research to gather together quite informally to discuss current and future research.