Splinter Sessions

The CS14 SOC specifically invites the community to propose splinter sessions on current hot topics. Proposals for splinter sessions can be made by individuals or groups of individuals. At this time, we are planning that six to eight splinter sessions can be accommodated in our schedule, but this number may change in the future.

Any splinter session proposal should include the following:

  1. Title
  2. One page summary of the goal of the session
  3. Convenor
  4. List of participants, panelists etc. who agree to come to the session
  5. Format suggestion that includes a description on how the audience will be involved
  6. The proposed duration of the session (1.5 hrs or 3 hrs)
  7. Commitment to contribute a summary of the session for the proceedings

Deadline for splinter session proposals is May 15, 2006. Please submit proposals by mailing a plain text file to cs14@ipac.caltech.edu with the subject line 'Splinter Session Proposal'.

We plan to announce accepted splinter sessions by the end of June 2006.  Participants willing to contribute in the splinter sessions must make arrangements directly with the convenor.

Topics which have been suggested in SOC deliberations of the schedule to date include (no one has been assigned to these; feel free to propose for these or entirely new topics):

For more information, please see our schedule or email us at cs14@ipac.caltech.edu.