SSC Reionization to Exoplanets:
Spitzer's Growing Legacy
26-28 October 2009, Pasadena, CA
spitzer2009 'at'
This meeting will occur shortly after the end of Spitzer's highly successful cryogenic mission, and at the start of the Spitzer warm mission. The meeting will celebrate the accomplishments of the cryogenic mission, and assess future opportunities in the fields where Spitzer's impact has been greatest. In particular, the meeting will be organized into five half day sessions, with each session focusing on a single science topic. The five session topics are:

1. Exoplanets and Exoplanetary Systems
2. Star Formation
3. The Dusty Universe
4. The Early Universe
5. The Galaxy

In support of the Warm Spitzer mission, all Spitzer Cycle 6 Exploration Science teams are invited to hold team meetings during the conference. Please send us an email to reserve space and time for your special breakout session.

For more information about the science schedule of the conference and the sub-topics, please see the schedule page.

Hotel and Conference Location:

The meeting will take place in the Pasadena Hilton. Please see the venue page for more information.

Field Trip:

Workshop participants are invited to join a guided excursion to the historic Griffith Observatory. Please see the activities page for more information.

Reception and Banquet:

Please see the activities page for more information.

Frank Low Memorial:

Frank Low played a central role in the development of all aspects of infrared astronomy. A special session will celebrate his life and work. Please see the schedule page for more information.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

R. Benjamin (Univ Wisconsin)
A. Burrows (Princeton)
D. Calzetti (Univ Mass)
P. Capak (Caltech)
D. Charbonneau (Harvard)
M. Dickinson (NOAO)
B. Draine (Princeton)
R. Ellis (Caltech)
N. Evans (Univ Texas/Austin)
G. Fazio (Harvard)
R. Genzel (MPE)
L. Hartmann (Univ Michigan)
L. Hernquist (Harvard)
H. Knutson (Harvard)
G. Laughlin (Univ Cal/Santa Cruz)
C. Lisse (John Hopkins Univ)
C. Maraston (Univ Portsmouth)
P. McCarthy (OCIW)
J. Najita (NOAO)
S. Raymond (UC Boulder/CASA)
G. Rieke (Univ of Arizona)
A. Sargent (Caltech)
R. Somerville (STScI)
G. Tinetti (Univ College London)
D. Weedman (Cornell)
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