SOFIA Community Forum (SCF) Tele-Talks were colloquia presented over the telephone, with slides distributed ahead of time. The talks were targeted broadly towards members of the astronomy community who were interested in SOFIA science and in the scientific capabilities of the observatory. The talks were held approximately twice a month on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time). The series was organized by Dan Lester. Click on a Tele-Talk title to view the talk abstract and slides, and to listen to the talk recording.

Tele-Talk Details
Title Date Speaker Affiliation
Cold, Small, and Plentiful: the Future of Instrumentation for Far-IR Astrophysics - Michael Zemcov Rochester Institute of Technology
Unveiling the Physical Conditions and UV Fields in Embedded Cluster Gy 3–7 in the Outer Galaxy with FIFI-LS Spectrometer Onboard SOFIA - Ngân Lê Nicolaus Copernicus University
The Origin of Dust Polarization in the Orion Bar - Valentin Le Gouellec ESO
Surveying the Giant HII Regions of the Milky Way with SOFIA: V. DR7 and K3-50 - Wanggi Lim IPAC
Searching for Converging Flows of Atomic Gas onto a Molecular Cloud - Mark Heyer UMass
On the 3D Curvature and Dynamics of the Musca Filament - Aidan Kaminsky RIT
Grain Alignment and Magnetic Field at the Galactic Centre from Polarized Dust Emission - Akshaya Subbanna M S KASI
The PDR in M17-SW Analyzed With FIFI-LS Onboard SOFIA - Randolf Klein SOFIA Science Center
Characterizing the Structure of Magnetic Fields in Spiral Galaxies with Radio and Far-Infrared Polarimetric Observations - Will Surgent Stanford
Atomic Oxygen Abundance Toward Sagittarius B2 - Darek Lis NASA JPL
Characterizing Magnetic Fields’s Role in Fueling Seyfert Nuclei With SOFIA/HAWC+, Velocity Gradient, and VLA - Yue Hu University of Wisconsin
Hunting Magnetic Fields with SOFIA and ALMA: The Case of the Masquerading Monster in BYF 73 - Peter Barnes SSI
Spatial Variation in Temperature and Density in the IC 63 PDR from H2 Spectroscopy - Archana Soam Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Recovering Venusian Phosphine with SOFIA/GREAT - Jane Greaves Cardiff University
The Mid-Infrared Molecular Inventory Towards Orion IRc2 and Hot Molecular Cores - Sarah Nickerson BAERI
First-Year Results of SALSA: Survey of extragALactic magnetiSm with SOFIA - Enrique López-Rodriguez KIPAC Stanford
The Dynamics and Mass Ejection in RCW 36 - Lars Bonne SOFIA Science Center
A Molecular Gas Ring Hidden in the Sombrero Galaxy - Jessica Sutter UC San Diego
The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Stability and Fragmentation of Filamentary Molecular Clouds - Pak-Shing Li UC Berkeley
SOFIA/HAWC+ Observations of the Crab Nebula: Dust Properties From Far-IR Polarised Emission - Jeremy Chastenet Ghent University
Infrared View of the Multiphase Interstellar Medium in NGC 253 - Andre Beck University of Stuttgart, DSI
Recent Results of Lunar 6 µm SOFIA Observations and a Very Preliminary Look Into the VIPER Landing Site - Casey Honniball NASA GSFC
The SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey. IV - Rubén Fedriani Chalmers
Grain Alignment and Magnetic Fields in 30 Doradus - Le Ngoc Tram MPiFR Bonn
The SOFIA Mid-Infrared Giant HII Region Survey: Exploring the Largest Massive Star-Forming Regions of the Milky Way - Jim De Buizer SOFIA Science Center
Prestellar Feedback in Massive Star-Forming Regions - Ümit Kavak SOFIA Science Center
The Rotational Spectrum of H2 in AGB stars: Detection and Analysis of the S(1) Line in IRC+10216 - José Pablo Fonfría Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
Self-Absorption in [CII], 12CO, and HI in RCW 120: An Explanation for Large Amounts of Cold C+ - Slawa Kabanovic University of Cologne
FIlaments Extremely Long and Dark: a Magnetic Polarization Survey: A SOFIA Legacy Program - Ian Stephens Worcester State University and Harvard CfA
Magnetic Field Structure of the Orion Molecular Cloud 3 (OMC-3) - Niko Zielinski University of Kiel
HyGAL: Characterizing the Galactic ISM with Observations of Hydrides and Other Small Molecules - Arshia Jacob Johns Hopkins University
Gas-Phase Metallicities of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies with Far-Infrared Emission Lines - Nima Chartab University of California Irvine
Fast Atomic Shocks in the Outflow of L1551 IRS 5 Identified with SOFIA-upGREAT Observations of [OI] - Yao-Lun Yang University of Virginia
Ionized Carbon Tracing the Assembly of Molecular Clouds - Nicola Schneider University of Cologne
Environmental Dependance of [CII] Emission in Ringed Galaxy NGC 7331 - Jessica Sutter SOFIA Science Center
Relative Orientation of Magnetic Field and Cloud Structure in L1688 - Dennis Lee Northwestern University
SOFIA FIFI-LS Observations of [OIII] and [NIII] Lines to Measure Metallicity in Galaxies - Luigi Spinoglio INAF Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali
Data Reduction of Large Maps with the upGREAT Heterodyne Instrument - Ronan Higgins University of Cologne
The Prebiotic Potential and Molecular Diversity of Space Environments: Past Projects and Future Possibilities with SOFIA - Duncan Mifsud & Sergio Ioppolo University of Kent & Queen Mary University of London
Velocity-Resolved [OI] (and other) Fine Structure Line Observations and Star Formation: New Results and New Capabilities Paul Goldsmith NASA JPL
SOFIA Instrumentation Planning Margaret Meixner & Bernhard Schulz SOFIA Science Center/Deutsche SOFIA Institut
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of a Globule in Cygnus X - Nicola Schneider and Markus Röllig University of Cologne
Characterizing the Multiphase Origin of [C II] Emission in M101 and NGC 6946 with Velocity-Resolved Spectroscopy Elizabeth Tarantino University of Maryland
Definition and Characterization of Local Analogs to High-Redshift Galaxies Skarleth Motiño Flores Catholic University
SOFIA-upGREAT Spectroscopic Imaging of the 158um [C II] Spectral Line of the Galactic Center's SgrB Region Andy Harris University of Maryland
Probing the Atmospheric Precipitable Water Vapor With SOFIA I + II + Tahiti Christian Fischer and Christof Iserlohe Deutsche SOFIA Institut
Magnetic Chaos Hidden in the Whirlpool Galaxy Alejandro Borlaff NASA Ames
Stellar Feedback and Triggered Star Formation in the Prototypical Bubble RCW 120 Matteo Luisi West Virginia University
Atomic Gas in Protostellar Outflows Thomas Sperling Thüringer Landessternwarte
The Magnetic Field in the Warped Molecular Disk of Centaurus A Enrique López-Rodriguez KAVLI/Stanford
CO2 and HCN in the Circumstellar Envelopes of the Low Mass-Loss Rate AGB Stars R Leo and Y CVn José Pablo Fonfría IFF/CSIC
[C II] and [O I] Absorption and Self-Absorption Toward the Nessie Bubble Jim Jackson SOFIA Science Center
SOFIA FEEDBACK Survey: Exploring the Dynamics of the Stellar Wind Driven Shell of RCW 49 Maitraiyee Tiwari University of Maryland
An UpGREAT View of the S1 PDR in Rho Ophiuchus Bhaswati Mookerjea Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
Maps of Magnetic Field Strength in the OMC-1 Region Jordan Guerra Villanova University
IR Observations of a Flaring Maser Source - Revealing the Unsteady Growth of Massive Stars Bringfried Stecklum Thueringer Landessternwarte - TLS
Building the Mid-Infrared Inventory for the Orion Hot Core Sarah Nickerson NASA ARC, BAERI
Far-Infrared N/O Abundance Estimates for Dusty Galaxies Bo Peng Cornell
Lunar Surface Hydration: A View From Earth Casey Honniball NASA GSFC
The Structure and Strength of the Magnetic Field in the Galactic Outflow of M82 Enrique López-Rodriguez KIPAC/Stanford
SOFIA/FIFI-LS CII Observations of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC6946 Frank Bigiel University of Bonn
The Magnetic Field in M51 and NGC 891 Terry Jones University of Minnesota
[CII] and CO Emission Along NGC 7479's Bar Dario Fadda SOFIA/USRA
Using HAWC+ to Find A Cold Quasar's Place in AGN Feedback Kevin Cooke University of Kansas
Grain Alignment and Polarization in Molecular Clouds Le Ngoc Tram SOFIA/USRA
Accretion in the Inner Regions of Massive Circumstellar Disks: AFGL 2136 and AFGL 2591 Andrew Barr Leiden
The Far-Infrared Polarization Spectrum of OMC-1 using HAWC+/SOFIA Observations Joe Michail Northwestern University
The PDR Structure and Kinematics Around the Compact HII Regions S235 A and S235 C with [CII], [13CII], [OI] and HCO+ Line Profiles Maria Kirsanova Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences
First Detection of [13CII] in the Large Magellanic Cloud Yoko Okada University of Cologne
The First Detection of 13CH in the Interstellar Medium Arshia Jacob Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy
Understanding the Multi-Phase Structure and Physical Conditions of the ISM - A Dominant Reservoir of CO-Dark Molecular Gas in 30 Doradus Mélanie Chevance University of Heidelberg
CO-Dark Molecular Gas and the Origin of [CII] Emission in Metal-Poor Galaxies: the Case Study of Velocity-Resolved [CII] in LMC-N11 Vianney Leboutellier University of Paris-Saclay
Results from the C+ Square Degree Survey: Expanding Bubbles in Orion A Cornelia Pabst Leiden
SOFIA’s Present and Future Margaret Meixner SOFIA Science Mission Operations Director
CII Optical Depth and Self-Absorption Effects in Galactic Sources Cristian Guevara University of Cologne
The Evolution of Red Supergiants to Supernova Emma Beasor NOAO/NOIRLab
Discovery of the Linear Carbon Chain Molecules 13CCC and C13CC Towards SgrB2(M) Thomas Giesen University of Kassel
SOFIA-FORCAST Survey Toward the Giant HII Regions of the Galaxy : M17 Wanggi Lim SOFIA/USRA
Dust Production in Galactic & Magellanic Carbon Stars Kathleen Kraemer Boston College
The SOFIA/FORCAST Galactic Center Legacy Survey: Overview and First Results Matt Hankins Caltech
How to Use the SOFIA Science Data Archive at IRSA Luisa Rebull IPAC
Unveiling the Magnetic Properties of a Protostellar Core with SOFIA Elena Redaelli MPE
SOFIA/EXES Observations of Warm H2 at High Spectral Resolution: Witnessing Para-to-Ortho Conversion Behind a Molecular Shock Wave in HH7 David Neufeld Johns Hopkins University
Carbon lines towards Orion A Pedro Salas Leiden Observatory
HIRMES Science - Outflows Dan Watson University of Rochester
HIRMES science - debris disks Christine Chen STScI
HIRMES science - planetary deuterium Gordon Bjoraker NASA GSFC
HIRMES science - comets Stefanie Milam NASA GSFC
Opening a New Window on Our Origins with SOFIA-HIRMES Klaus Pontoppidan STscI
HIRMES Capability and Status Matt Greenhouse NASA GSFC
FIFI-LS Result: [CII] Line Excess in an AGN Host Galaxy Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova MPIfA
The Spiral Magnetic Field of NGC 1068 as Seen by HAWC+ Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez SOFIA Science Center
An upGREAT View of the Treasure Chest in Carina Bhaswati Mookerjea TIFR
Far-infrared [O III] and [O I] Observations of CO-knots in Cas A Jeonghee Rho SETI Institute
The Far-Infrared Polarization Spectrum of Rho Ophiuchi A from HAWC+/SOFIA Observations Fabio Santos MPIfA
SOFIA’s Vision for the Future Hal Yorke SOFIA/USRA
The Origin of [CII] 158µm Emission Toward the HII Region Complex S235 Loren Anderson West Virginia University
SOFIA FORCAST Photometry of 12 Extended Green Objects in the Milky Way Allison Towner University of Virgnia, NRAO
Planetary Collisions in a Binary Star System? Studying the Evolution of Warm Dust Encircling BD +20 307 Using SOFIA Maggie Thompson University of California, Santa Cruz
Ocean-Like Water in Hyperactive Comets Dariusz Lis Caltech
Unraveling the Evolution of the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in the M51 Grand-Design Spiral Galaxy with SOFIA Jorge Pineda JPL
First Astrophysical Detection of the Helium Hydride Ion (HeH+) David Neufeld Johns Hopkins University
HAWC+ Observations of OMC-1 David Chuss Villanova University
SOFIA-FORCAST Survey Toward the Giant HII regions of the Galaxy Wanggi Lim SOFIA Science Center
Abundant SO2 Gas in the Hot Core around MonR2 IRS3 Ryan Dungee University of Hawaii
The SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey - Tests of Massive Star Formation Theories Mengyao Liu University of Virginia
Velocity Profiles of [CII], [CI], CO and [OI] and Physical Conditions in Four Star-Forming Regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud Yoko Okada University of Cologne
SOFIA Far-Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of M82 and NGC253: Exploring the Supergalactic Wind Terry Jones University of Minn
Can Supernovae Be an Important Source of Dust in the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies? Mikako Matsuura Cardiff University
The HIRMES Spectrometer: Science and Technical Details Gordon Stacey Cornell University
Infrared Detection of CS in the Hot Core AFGL 2591 with SOFIA/EXES Andrew Barr Leiden University
Star Formation in the Galactic Center: SOFIA FIFI-LS observations of Sgr B1 Jan Simpson SETI Institute
Could Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Excess Peripheral H Atoms (Hn-PAHs) Be Responsible for Anomalous 3.4 μm Emission Bands in Protoplanetary Nebulae? Christopher Materese NASA GSFC
SOFIA/HAWC+ Detection of a Gravitationally Lensed Starburst Galaxy at z = 1.03 Jingzhe Ma Universtiy of California, Irvine
Polarimetry of Star Forming Regions with HAWC+: SOFIA's Important Role Judy Pipher University of Rochester
Study of the S1 PDR in Rho Ophiuchi: A GREAT/SOFIA View Bhaswati Mookerjea Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
Anatomy of the Massive Star-Forming Region S106: The [OI 63] Micron Line Observed with GREAT/SOFIA as a Versatile Diagnostic Tool for the Evolution of Massive Stars Nicola Schneider University of Cologne
Filamentary Molecular Clouds, Star Formation, and Pristine B-Fields, as seen by SOFIA/HAWC+, Gaia DR2, and Mimir Near-IR Polarimetry Dan Clemens Boston University
HAWC+ for SOFIA: Two Years of Flying, and First Science Results Darrin Dowell NASA JPL
[CII] Emission from PDRs and Jet-related Shocks in the Nearby Seyfert Galaxy NGC 4258 with SOFIA Phil Appleton/Dario Fadda IPAC/SOFIA Science Center
The Dust and Cloud Distribution of the Torus of NGC 1068 Enrique Lopez Rodriguez SOFIA Science Center
Feedback from Massive Stars: SOFIA Observations of the Horsehead, W43, and the CMZ John Bally University of Colorado
Infrared Observations of Novae in the SOFIA Era: Update Bob Gehrz University of Minnesota
New Observational Views on the Chemistry of Diffuse Interstellar Clouds Helmut Wiesemeyer MPIfR
Unveiling the Remarkable Photodissociation Region of M8 Maitraiyee Tiwari MPIfR
The Inception of Star Cluster Formation Revealed by [CII] Emission Around an Infrared Dark Cloud Thomas Bisbas University of Florida
Observing Cool Dust Around Active Galactic Nuclei Using the SOFIA Telescope Lindsay Fuller University of Texas at San Antonio
Interstellar Dust Grain Alignment - Current Status B-G Andersson NASA Ames, SOFIA Science Center
Constraining the Post-Thermal Pulse Mass-Loss History of R Scl with SOFIA/FORCAST Matt Hankins Cornell University
The New GREAT SOFIA Scenario With 4GREAT Carlos A. Durán MPIfR-Bonn
High Spectral Resolution SOFIA/EXES Observations of C2H2 Towards Orion IRc2 Naseem Rangwala NASA ARC
Sniffing Alien Atmospheres: Exoplanet Spectrophotometry (from Ground-, Airborne- and Space-Based Observatories) Daniel Angerhausen University of Bern
Reducing SOFIA's Image Jitter - an Ongoing Challenge Friederike Graf (NASA Ames, DSI)
Spiral Arm Structure:[NII] and [CII] in the Scutum Arm Bill Langer NASA JPL
[CII] Emission from L1630 in the Orion B Molecular Cloud Cornelia Pabst Leiden University
Interstellar Aromatic Molecules: Recent Advances and a SOFIA-Enabled Future? Brett McGuire NRAO
SOFIA Today and the Extended Mission: the New Project Scientist's Pespective Kimberly Ennico NASA HQ
First Detection of a THz Water Maser in NGC7538 IRS1 Fabrice Herpin University of Bordeaux
The Oxygen Budget in Low-Mass Protostellar Outflows: the NGC1333-IRAS4A R1 Shock Observed in [OI] at 63 Microns with SOFIA-GREAT Lars Kristensen Neils Bohr Institute
A SOFIA/GREAT View on the Cepheus E Outflow from an Intermediate-Mass Proto-Star Antoine Gusdorf MPIfR
A SOFIA/FORCAST Grism Study of the Mineralogy of Dust in the Winds of Proto-planetary Nebulae Ryan Arneson University of Minnesota
The Inner 25 AU Debris Distribution in the Epsilon Eridani System Kate Su University of Arizona
SOFIA and Herschel Observations of Far-Infrared Fine Structure Lines from Deep Within the Galactic Center Andy Harris UMd
SOFIA Tomorrow: Understanding Star Formation in the Era of JWST and ALMA Hal Yorke USRA SOFIA
Discovery of Terahertz Water Masers with SOFIA/GREAT David Neufeld JHU
The SOFIA Massive (SOMA) Star Formation Survey Jonathan Tan University of Florida
Supernova Dust and Ejecta Around Pulsar Wind Nebulae Tea Temim STScI
Surface Composition of ‘Icy’ Asteroids and the Special Case of Ceres Pierre Vernazza Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
Telescope Stray Light – Fundamental Optical Plumbing & Early Experience with SOFIA Patrick Waddell SOFIA Science Center
Massive Star Formation in the LMC Michael Gordon University of Minnesota
Comparing [C II] , HI, and CO Dynamics of Nearby Galaxies Erwin de Blok ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy
HAWC+, SOFIA's Facility Far-IR Camera and Polarimeter Darren Dowell JPL
HIRMES - A Versatile High Resolution Far-Infrared Spectrometer for SOFIA Harvey Moseley GSFC
Infrared Studies of Jupiter’s Atmospheric Circulation in the Era of the Spaxel Leigh Fletcher University of Leicester
Altering the Seeds of Planet Formation Joel Green STScI
Active Galactic Nuclei: Investigating the Dusty Torus Using SOFIA Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez SOFIA Science Center
Probing Massive Star Formation at the Earliest Phases with SOFIA Terry Jones University of Minnesota
Probing the Large-Scale Multiphase ISM in 30 Doradus in the LMC with SOFIA/FIFI LS Mélanie Chevance CEA Saclay
Mapping PAH sizes in NGC 7023 with SOFIA Bavo Croiset Leiden University
Infrared Observations of the Quintuplet Proper Members with SOFIA/FORCAST and Gemini/TreCS Matt Hankins Cornell University
Pluto Occultation with SOFIA on 29 June 2015 in Support of the New Horizons Flyby: Occultation Evidence for Haze Eric Becklin SOFIA Science Center
FIFI-LS Science Observations Leslie Looney University of Illinois
SOFIA/GREAT [CII] observations in nearby clouds near the lines of sight towards B0355+508 and B0212+735 Juergen Stutzki University of Cologne
The Water Vapor Monitor Instrument of SOFIA Tom Roellig NASA/Ames
Far-IR Cooling in Massive Star-Forming Regions: a Case Study of G5.89-0.39 Silvia Leurini MPIfR, Bonn
Astrochemistry with SOFIA Paola Caselli MPIfEP, Garching
A Map of D/H on Mars using EXES Aboard SOFIA Thérèse Encrenaz Paris Observatory - Meudon
An Apparent Precessing Helical Outflow from a Massive Evolved Star: Evidence for Binary Interaction? Ryan Lau Caltech/JPL
Infrared Observations of Novae in the SOFIA Era Bob Gehrz University of Minnesota
The upGREAT Heterodyne Arrays for the SOFIA Telescope Christophe Risacher MPIfR Bonn
Searching for Cool Dust in the Mid-to-Far Infrared: the Mass Loss Histories of the Hypergiants mu Cep, VY CMa, IRC +10420 & rho Cas Dinesh Shenoy University of Minnesota
Using the Mid-infrared to Measure the Thermal Structure of M Supergiant Winds Where it Matters Graham Harper University of Colorado, Boulder
The Role of Cosmic Fullerenes Jan Cami University of Western Ontario
Interstellar Shock Studies: the Contribution of SOFIA/GREAT Antoine Gusdorf LERMA, Observatoire de Paris
Excitation Conditions and Energetics of the Dense Gas in M17 SW Juan-Pablo Pérez-Beaupits MPIfR Bonn
SOFIA Infrared Spectrophotometry of Comet C/2012 K1 (Pan-STARRS) Chick Woodward U. Minnesota
Studying Exoplanets with SOFIA Claudia Dreyer DLR
An Overview of the SOFIA Observatory Performance: Current Status and Future Improvements and Capabilities Pasquale Temi and Doug Hoffman NASA Ames
Fine Structure Line Deficit in S140 Volker Ossenkopf University of Cologne
Physical Conditions in Dense Molecular Knots in the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A Sofia Wallström Onsala Space Observatory/Chalmers University
Witnessing the Emergence of a Carbon Star Lizette Guzman-Ramirez ESO
Cold Chemistry in Space and Laboratory part II Stephan Schlemmer Univ. of Cologne
Cold Chemistry in Space and Laboratory Stephan Schlemmer Univ. of Cologne
Molecules in Massive Protostars from the Near to Mid Infrared: Unique Constraints from SOFIA/EXES Nick Indriolo Univ. of Michigan
Probing the Diffuse Interstellar Medium with Observations of Selected Diatomic Molecules: Recent Results from ArH+ and SH David Neufeld JHU
FORCAST's View of the Serpens South Protocluster Core Tracy Huard University of Maryland
SOFIA Follow-ups of ATLASGAL Massive Clumps Friedrich Wyrowski MPIfR Bonn
[CII] and [NII] in the Nucleus of IC342 Markus Rollig University of Cologne
The Spectral Characteristics of the PAH Emission Features Els Peeters University of Western Ontario
SOFIA Observations of Nearby, Dense Star-Forming Clusters Maxime Rizzo University of Maryland
[C II] and [N II] Observations of Ionized Gas at the Edge of the Central Molecular Zone Bill Langer JPL-Caltech
From AGB Stars to Aspherical Planetary Nebulae: Recent Observational Highlights from the Far-IR and (Sub)mm to X-Rays – Part 2 Raghvendra Sahai NASA JPL
High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Observations of the PDR Emission in the NGC2023 Reflection Nebula with SOFIA and APEX Göran Sandell SOFIA Science Center
A Family Story for Thanksgiving: MAHs, PAHs, & GrandPAHs in Space Xander Tielens Leiden Observatory
From AGB Stars to Aspherical Planetary Nebulae: Recent Observational Highlights from the Far-IR and (Sub)mm to X-rays, Part I Raghavendra Sahai JPL, Caltech
Understanding the Physics and Chemistry of Photodissociation Regions: Insights from Spitzer, Herschel and SOFIA Observations of NGC 7023, Part II Olivier Berné IRAP Toulouse
Comet Dust Composition and Astrophysical Connections Michael Kelley U. Maryland
Understanding the Physics and Chemistry of Photodissociation Regions: Insights from Spitzer, Herschel and SOFIA Observations of NGC 7023 Olivier Berné IRAP Toulouse
HAWC in Molt, On the Way to Becoming SOFIA's Facility Far-IR Camera and Polarimeter C. Darren Dowell JPL
Pillars, PDRs and Triggered Star Formation: New Insights from the [CII] 158 micron line with SOFIA GREAT Xavier Koenig Yale
Large Variety of the Velocity Profile of C+, C, and CO in N159 Yoko Okada University of Cologne
Dusty Cradles in a Turbulent Nursery: Sgr A East HII Regions at the Galactic Center Ryan Lau Cornell University
First Flights of EXES on SOFIA Matt Richter UC Davis
SOFIA observations of far-infrared hydroxyl emission toward classical ultracompact HII/OH maser regions T. Csengeri MPIfR, Bonn
Solar System Science with SOFIA/GREAT Paul Hartogh MPI for Solar System Research
Ridges: How to form a High Mass Star T. Hill Joint ALMA Observatory
Carbon stars and dust production as a function of metallicity G. C. Sloan Cornell
Development of TiN KID arrays for submm/far-IR astronomy J. Zmuidzinas Caltech
Status Report on SOFIA Exoplanet Transit Capability E. Dunham, G. Mandushev and D. Angerhausen Lowell Observatory and RIT
Heterodyne Array Technology for SOFIA P. Goldsmith JPL
Detection of OD with SOFIA Bérengère Parise Cardiff University
The Far Infrared Field Imaging Line Spectrometer FIFI-LS for SOFIA Alfred Krabbe University of Stuttgart
Evolution and Development of the Slow, Dusty Nova, V1280 Sco L. Andrew Helton SOFIA/USRA
Microwave Emission from Spinning Dust Grains Christopher T. Tibbs IPAC/Caltech
Tomographic Sounding of Protoplanetary and Transitional Disks: Using Inner Disk Variability at Near to Mid-IR Wavelengths to Probe Conditions in the Outer Disk C.A. Grady Eureka Scientific & GSFC
The Mass-loss of Red Supergiants Donald F. Figer Center for Detectors
Peering to the Heart of Massive Star Birth: Constraining Massive Star Formation Theory with SOFIA Yichen Zhang Yale University
Spectroscopy of Massive Protostars in Cygnus X Joseph L. Hora Harvard-Smithsonian CfA
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy with SOFIA - the potential of GREAT Helmut Wiesemeyer Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy
Observations of Novae in the Infrared R. D. Gehrz University of Minnesota
Infrared Imaging of the Bipolar Planetary Nebula M2-9 from SOFIA, with NGC7027 for Dessert Michael Werner JPL/Caltech
Investigating Intermediate-Mass Star-Forming Regions with SOFIA/FORCAST Michael J. Lundquist University of Wyoming
Water, Hydroxyl, and Ice in the Asteroid Belt Andrew Rivkin JHU/APL
Get ready, get set...Mid-IR spectroscopy with EXES on SOFIA and TEXES on Gemini North Matt Richter UC Davis
Infall towards massive star forming regions Friedrich Wyrowski MPlfR Bonn
Using HD to Measure the Gas Mass of a Protoplanetary Disk Edwin (Ted) Bergin University of Michigan
SOFIA/FORCAST Observations of the Galactic Center Ryan M. Lau Cornell University
SOFIA Spectroscopy of Hydrated Silicates in the Diffuse ISM and Ices in Dense Clouds Jean Chiar SETI Institute
Characterizing Magnetized Turbulence in Molecular Clouds (and Galaxies) Martin Houde The University of Western Ontario
The HAWC Upgrade Investigation C. Darren Dowell JPL/Caltech
SOFIA observations of S106: Dynamics of the warm gas Robert Simon Universität zu Köln
Dust and Polarization in the Interstellar Medium John Vaillancourt SOFIA/USRA
SOFIA Observations of Orion BN/KL with FORCAST James M. De Buizer SOFIA/USRA
HIPO Flight Experience Ted Dunham Lowell Observatory
EPOS 2012 Conference Summary Hans Zinnecker DSI
Report on SPIE Symposium Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Erick Young SOFIA/USRA
Evolulon and Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks Uma Gorti NASA Ames/SETI
Physical Conditions in the Nucleus of our Galaxy Miguel Angel Requena Torres MPIfR, Bonn
GREAT observations reveal strong self-absorption in [CII] 158 µm emission from NGC 2024 Urs U. Graf University of Cologne
The SOFIA/FORCAST view of the compact HII region W3A Francisco Salgado Leiden Observatory
Mid-IR FORCAST/SOFIA Observations of M82 Thomas Nikola Cornell University
Mid-infrared Imaging Of The W40 Star Forming Region Using SOFIA-FORCAST R. Y. Shuping SOFIA/USRA
New Young Stars in the North America Nebula Complex Luisa Rebull Spitzer Science Center
Very Large Organic Molecules in Astrophysical Sources: C60, PAHs and Nanodiamonds Peter Sarre The University of Nottingham
Properties of Intermediate- Luminosity Protostars and Circumstellar Disks in OMC-2 - Joseph D. Adams Cornell
Multi-λ analysis of Betelgeuse’s CO Graham M. Harper Trinity College
Active Damping of the SOFIA Telescope Assembly - Paul J. Keas Moog-CSA Engineering
Tracing the Transition Phase of ISM Di Li Caltech
SOFIA and CCAT - synergies - Hans Zinnecker DSI Univ. Stuttgart & NASA-Ames
GREAT: Modular dual-channel heterodyne receiver for high-resolution spectroscopy with SOFIA - Rolf Güsten MPI Radioastronomie
Cool Dust and the Mass Loss Histories of the Cool Hypergiants - Roberta Humphreys University of Minnesota
Massive Star Formation: From Testing Basic Formation Scenarios to Quantitative Constraints on Core Accretion Theory - Jonathan Tan University of Florida
Planetary Science with GREAT after Herschel/HIFI - Paul Hartogh MPS
Grism spectroscopy with FORCAST - Luke Keller Ithaca College
Spitzer and Herschel Studies of Dust formation by Supernovae - Mike Barlow UCL
SOFIA observations of recurrent novae - M.T. Rushton University of Central Lancashire
SOFIA Pointing and Optimization Team (SPOT): Recent Results and Plans - Eric Becklin SOFIA/USRA
Science Operations for SOFIA: The FORCAST Experience - Terry Herter Cornell University
Investigating The Starburst-AGN Connection - Thomas Nikola Cornell University
Understanding the Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune through Spectroscopy and Imaging of Thermal Emission - Glenn Orton Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
LIRGs, GOALS and SOFIA Observations of NGC 2146 - Lee Armus Spitzer Science Center/Caltech
A little Bit of Dust Goes a Long Way; or The Impact of Dust on a Stellar Wind-Blown Bubble - Ed Churchwell University of Wisconsin
Probing the diffuse interstellar gas with observations of simple hydrides - David Neufeld Johns Hopkins University
Elusive nature of the ISM and Star Formation in Low Metallicity Galaxies - Suzanne Madden CEA Saclay, France
Supernovae in Molecular Clouds: Extreme Laboratories for the Dense ISM - John W. Hewitt NASA Goddard
The Extraordinary Deaths of Ordinary Stars: Probing the 3-D Structure of Planetary Nebulae with GREAT/SOFIA - Raghvendra Sahai JPL, California Institute of Technology
Warm chemistry in the diffuse ISM: a tracer of turbulent dissipation - Edith Falgarone ENS & Paris Observatory, France
Revealing the Nature of Circumstellar Envelopes Around Class 0 Protostars: A Connection Between Spitzer, CARMA, and SOFIA - Leslie Looney University of Illinois
Lunar Occultations in the Far Infrared – A Niche for SOFIA? - Paul M. Harvey UT Austin/U. Colorado
Some Puzzles of Massive Star & Cluster Formation; from Orion, to the 'mini-starburst' in W43, to the Galactic Center - John Bally University of Colorado, Boulder
CCAT: Design, Science and SOFIA Synergy - Gordon Stacey Cornell University
Gas and grain-surface chemistry with an accent on the THz universe - Eric Herbst Ohio State University
Herschel M33 Key Project - Steve Lord IPAC/Caltech
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