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IRAC High Precision Photometry

 IRAC 2nd Workshop on High Precision Time Series Photometry: Getting the Most out of Exoplanet and Brown Dwarf Light Curves

2015 IAU Splinter Session

    August 7 10am-4pm  

Room 327 Hawaii Convention Center

Building on the successful 2014 Data Workshop, the IRAC team is organizing a one day session on high precision photometry on August 7, 2015 at the IAU meeting in Honolulu. This workshop will include short talks and discussion about instrumental and spacecraft effects and data reduction techniques for warm IRAC time series data of exoplanets and brown dwarfs. In addition we will run a data challenge to test out the newest in data reduction techniques.

Agenda (speakers in bold)

10am: Introduction: Goals of meeting, update on status of Spitzer Ingalls, Krick
10:30: Repeatability and reliability of exoplanet measurements 
       Literature Review Carey
       Community input Dragomir
11:45: Update on new reduction techniques 
        Independent Component Analysis Morello
        Gaussian Processes Evans
        Kernel regression pixel mapping Ingalls
12:30pm-2:00: Lunch break 
2:00: Data Challenge Ingalls
4:00: Adjourn


Please register for the IAU if you plan on attending the conference.

Data Challenge

To assess the repeatability of results, we will be making available two exoplanet transit datasets on which to test your reduction techniques. The first dataset will be made with the IRAC data simulator, with realistic correlated noise, and with the “answer” known. The second dataset will be chosen from the Spitzer archive. We encourage those who will not be able to attend the meeting to try your hand at reducing the data, and submit your results (information on submission to be announced). All submissions will be presented at the meeting. We will release the datasets by early July, so stay tuned! The datasets are now available! Click here.

Contact: help@spitzer.caltech.edu