IRAS Galaxy Atlas - Data Retrieval Service
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Band: 3 4        Iteration: 1 20        Beam Map

Overlays: Infrared Sources[IRAS PSC] Coordinate Grid
Examples:   265.887 -4.587  |   17h44m34s -27d59m13s Equ J2000  |   0.6945 -0.4543 ga  |   M 16
Default:       Equatorial J2000

Specify the location, wavelength band and image restoration level you desire plus any overlay information that is of interest and press Submit.

The IRAS galactic plane atlas contains high resolution (~1 arcmin) imagery of the galactic plane and regions in Orion, Taurus-Auriga, and around rho Ophiuchus at 60 and 100 microns. Specifying locations outside these regions will result in an error message.

The galactic plane data is in the regions -4.7 to +4.7 degrees galactic latitude and the other regions covered are roughly as follows (the regions have somewhat irregular edges):

Region RA Dec
  77 -  93 
 -13 - +18 
  55 -  78 
 +12 - +38 
rho Ophiuchus
 233 - 256 
 -33 - -17 

Besides the GIF image that will be returned you will also have access to the original FITS data, PostScript overlay files and source tables for the region.